Connecting brands to create unique partnerships.


About Us

Based in vibrant Dartmouth, NS, The Partnership Company has 15 years of experience connecting brands to create unique relationships and building key partnerships within the sponsorship marketing industry. We provide our service within the Health, Education, Recreation, Arts and Culture and the Environment sectors. 

We also provide consulting and professional development through our partnership fund development program, to assist already established organizations with the tools and data to present new opportunities to their current and hopeful partners. Prospecting, proposal design, activation, and contract negotiation is just some of what our groups will learn during our workshops.  

Our vision is simple: Build partnerships where new and existing ideas are nurtured and supported throughout different industries.

Partnership before Sponsorship

We create exciting and long-lasting relationships by understanding brand values.    


Who We Help

The Partnership Company is dedicated to working with organizations seeking out further sponsorship and support, as well as potential sponsors looking to reach out to new demographics and raise awareness of their brands.

What We Do

The Partnership Company will act on behalf of your organization to secure sponsorship for your project or event, providing services such as: 


Short term contracts for specific events, negating the need for a salaried employee.


 A dedicated sponsorship professional working directly toward exceeding your sponsorship goals.


Consulting and Professional development training. With workshops focused on prospecting, proposal design, activation, and contract negotiation, we give your organization the tools to present new opportunities to your current and future sponsors.


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